Coca-Cola HBCRevenuepoly

Revenuepoly is an online business simulation game full of challenges that help employees understand how to reach corporate strategic objectives and how to grow revenue in an ever changing environment. They play as Coca-Cola HBC’s chief decision makers and they shape the story: they maximize transactions, the revenue and the volume sold. They evaluate customers’ performance, analyze market dynamics and competitive activity. With the team function individual as well as group efforts are recognized.

CIB Bank (Intesa Sanpaolo Group)Digital Galaxy

CIB Bank decided to initiate a comprehensive organizational process with the goal to prepare its employees for the challenges of digital transformation. Digital Galaxy is an online, game-based learning system that includes up-to-date and relevant knowledge about digitalization trends, tools, and processes in the consumer market and in the financial industry. The 4 pillars of the Digital Transformation training material: everyday digitalization, digitalization in the financial sector, digital regulations in the financial sector, and CIB’s digital tools and processes.

GeneraliGenerali Onboarding

Generali, the insurance giant has launched its new training system, which contains several innovative elements both from the process and the technology side. It doesn’t approach onboarding as a one-time training, but rather as a complex, 100-day process. Our software makes this process transparent and motivating for all users, and it has been integrated into Generali’s business processes.

Magyar TelekomEnter

We implemented and customized the learning platform to completely transform the traditional onboarding process of Magyar Telekom and T-Systems. The system provides all crucial organizational information that new hires to the company need to be aware of: company history, product and service information, rules and policies, corporate strategy.

BPFuel Station Ville

The Fuel Station Ville is a development tracking system that will enable employees to follow up on their development and acquire knowledge about several topics on BP and GBS Europe. The goal of Fuel Station Ville (FSV) is to provide an outstanding, one of a kind employee value proposition (EVP), which brings BP-GBS a competitive advantage both internally and externally, and meets the expectations of the newest generations of employees.

KPMGRecruitment Day

KPMG applied our platform to increase the engagement and improve the efficiency of its recruitment day. Not only did candidates obtain lots of useful information about KPMG in the system, but the company was also able to better assess, how well they suited the organizational expectations. The result? More participants, shortened selection time, and never before seen engagement.


Multipoly presents the multinational accountancy and consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers operating in Hungary. Players of the virtual simulation participate in the online world of PwC starting with their job interview and working as virtual employees in the different operations of the company with different objectives defined for each area. The unique gameplay was created by the communications agency MarkCon.


The PwC IFRS Adventure is a story-based solution uniquely created for a specific learning material in cooperation between PwC Hungary and the communications agency MarkCon. The project is a customized development of the Games for Business learning platform.

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