Application areas

The design of the platform enables it to be applicable in a variety of scenarios, and blends well with other processes. Supporting various stages of the employee lifecycle, the Games for Business learning platform has been applied successfully in the following areas:

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Employer brandingApplication areas

It is a constant challenge to stand out from the competition and catch the attention of potential candidates, not to mention the effort to transmit corporate information to the target group. Traditional methods fail to bring efficiency. Our projects have proven that games are unmatched in their power to motivate users to interact with branded content and engage in corporate communication.

Case study: PwC

  • Goal: The primary goal of PwC with the application of the system was to stand out in the job market, to strengthen its employer brand among young entrants to the workforce, and to fulfill its growing labor demand.
  • Results: Since PwC launched Multipoly, the company has reported a 190% growth in the number of candidates. 78% of users reported that they were interested to learn more about working at PwC.
  • Source:

Recruitment & selectionApplication areas

Candidates as well as organizations expect transparency and engagement. Our gamified processes have made it possible for both parties to better assess the other side by creating an engaging framework.

Case study: KPMG

  • Goal: The goal of KPMG was to create an innovative recruitment and selection campaign with which they were hoping to make their traditional HR processes more efficient.
  • Results: With the help of a well-structured gamified campaign, KPMG was able to reach a 140% increase in the number of participants, an 81% decrease in the length of the selection process and a 10% increase in the compliance of the participants, compared to the previous year's results.
  • Source: KPMG

OnboardingApplication areas

The key to a successful and fruitful relationship is to get to know your team and the working environment. By providing a fun and interactive tool, you will multiply the comprehension and retrieval efficiency of this knowledge, which is crucial for a quick integration and smooth workflow.

Case study: Generali

  • Goal: Generali created a 100 day onboarding program in order to increase the number of applicants, decrease the high attrition rate and to lower the average age of employees.
  • Results:
    • 110% more participants in the program
    • 52% more participants below age 35
    • 50% more signed contracts after the program
    • 33% increase in user activity on the Generali learning portal; 10% better entrance examination grades
    • 63% user activity outside working hours
  • Source: Generali [request a case study]

Internal trainingApplication areas

How do you convince your employees to read corporate policies, let alone remember and apply the rules to their daily work? Integrate such dry and factual information into entertaining learning modules, where challenges and progress motivate users to digest and process the expected behavior at your organization.

We have implemented our platform for various internal learning purposes:

  • SAP - training for the sales team about products and services
  • Grundfos - workplace safety, corporate strategy and onboarding training for both white and blue collar employees
  • HBO Europe - organizational awareness training for the 6 regional offices of HBO
  • CIB Bank (Intesa Sanpaolo Group) - digital transformation training for the entire organization

RetentionApplication areas

Our system engages individuals to take ownership and control of their development. Clear paths, goals and frames provide opportunities for autonomous decisions and personal involvement. We make it visible how individual steps in the development strategy can be integrated into everyday work.

Case study: BP-GBS

  • Goal: The goal of BP Global Business Services Europe was to create an internal career planning system, in order to show its employees in a transparent and tailor-made way the internal career opportunities and the steps they need to take to reach them along the 70:20:10 methodology.
  • Result: BP's 23% attrition rate decreased to 9%
  • Source: BP-GBS Europe

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