Gamified solutions for HR challenges!

Games for Business is an award-winning gamified digital learning platform. We help your company transfer knowledge in an employee-centric and engaging way while improving learning performance at the same time. We create an integrated learning experience that combines real-life and digital activities.
The Games for Business learning platform engages employees to process content, it boosts their motivation, and it supports the company’s leadership with relevant insights and data.

We offer solutions for:

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Gamified solutions for HR challenges!

OnboardingApplication areas

We offer an employee-focused and engaging onboarding solution that solves the integration of new workforce to your company. Our system acts as a virtual mentor that guides new employees through the initial period and provides all the information and knowledge that they need to be successful in their jobs.

Case study: Generali

  • Goal: Generali created a 100 day onboarding program in order to increase the number of applicants, decrease the high attrition rate and to lower the average age of employees.
  • Results:
    • 72% rate of applicants who start the onboarding process
    • 71% rate of applicants who commit to Generali after the process
    • 99% final retention rate of enrolled applicants
    • 75% average rate of onboarding applicants below age 35

Learning & DevelopmentApplication areas

We offer a highly effective and engaging learning and development solution that supercharges the knowledge acquisition and retention of your employees.
Our system provides the necessary information in a form that is easy to process, so employees don’t need to read through endless documents anymore.

Case study: Coca-Cola corporate strategy training

  • Goal: Engage all employee groups about revenue growth strategy, share all current knowledge about the commercial strategy, apply knowledge in a safe virtual environment before taken to the real world, foster collaboration among employees.
  • Results:
    • 52% voluntary participation rate
    • 51% user activity outside of working hours
    • 300 minutes of usage on average
    • 84% of users gained a lot of new information about the strategy
Learning & Development

Exclusive solutionsApplication areas

Our cutting edge digital engagement platform is capable of solving various problems. Do you have a problem attracting or recruiting your future workforce? Would you like to keep your employees committed for the long-term? You bring the issue, we bring the solution. Let’s start a conversation so we can understand your business challenges better.

Case study: Deutsche Bahn

  • Goal: The solution was implemented to help train driver and operator candidates prepare for their exams more engagingly and efficiently. The system helps candidates understand what to expect and how to prepare for the assessment process in a virtual environment that boosts DB's employer brand.
  • Results:
    • 90% of invited candidates actively used the system
    • 80% of participants have completed each topic
    • 3 hours recorded usage time per candidate on average
Exclusive solutions

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