• The frame story visualizes the learning journey and engages learners in the learning process.
  • The learning module transmits organizational information and training contents by integrating them into a set of popular games, making the learning process more effective and engaging.
  • The activity module coaches user behavior along organizational expectations, and helps users reach goals by breaking them down into smaller steps for tracking and overview.
  • The rewarding module provides the external motivational factor in the platform. Users are instantly rewarded, and virtual rewards can also be redeemed for physical rewards.
  • The administration and analytics module provides easy content management, detailed statistics, and possible connection to the existing corporate systems of our clients.

Extra functions enable further options and we will keep adding useful features to our evolving platform.

The frame story

In order to provide a truly game-like level of motivation, the G4B learning platform lifts employees out of their everyday context, and engages them as protagonists in a frame story. Through this perspective change we manage to visualize user progress in a whole different way. In the frame story users have choices to influence events, and they can use their collected rewards for benefits on their learning journey. We can simply customize the platform and the frame stories to suit the corporate image of individual organizations.

The learning module

The games in the learning module are used for information transfer or knowledge assessment. Learning games engage learners with simple, but highly popular and challenging mechanisms such as memory games, quiz games or focusing with rising difficulty levels, while they absorb and digest the integrated organizational or training information in the process. A customizable algorithm creates learning paths, which are personalized and segmented for learners based on their different user groups and their past achievements.

The activity module

The activity module coaches users about the expected behavior and helps them achieve their individual goals by providing a simple, categorized overview of real-life work and learning activities they are suggested or expected to complete. Users record their activities, while line managers can track their team members' progress and they can provide useful feedback.

The rewarding module

External motivation is achieved with virtual rewards, which can be redeemed in several ways. To speed up their learning journey, learners can spend their earned points to buy extras. This way, faster learner progress will become the achievement of the user instead of a corporate push. Physical rewards can be redeemed in exchange for collected virtual rewards. Besides traditional one-click purchasing, the system also provides the opportunity to offer more valuable gifts for raffles. Raffles create longer-term motivation by adding a level of excitement and a game factor to the shopping experience.

The administration & analytics module

All content elements can be managed on a simple administration interface without any special IT skills. System administrators can handle all users on a dedicated interface. Preset statistics and customizable reports support the analysis of user activities. Our platform can be connected to the existing corporate databases of our clients, in order to maintain an integrated and sustainable learning and HR ecosystem.

Extra functions

Messages: Administrators can easily send messages to users and vice versa. The system can forward reminders and approval requests to e-mail mailboxes as well.

Events: Organizations can display their corporate events, and users can easily filter the list to find the most relevant ones. To make sure they are not missed, events can be added to personal calendars with a simple click.

Surveys: Administrators can easily run user surveys in various topics scheduled for specific periods or randomly. Users can rate and comment questions on the fly.

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